A beautiful kitchen completes your home

An organized kitchen can help save time, improve performance, and keep you from going crazy while cooking.


On the other hand, a disorganized kitchen can cause a whole lot of problems.


Imagine dealing with a mess of ingredients tossed all around the kitchen all the while struggling to find the right measuring cups and spoons while food burns on the stove.


It’s a nightmare.


In this article I want to invite every homeowner to improve their kitchen with a handful of simple cost effective gadgets for the home


Pantry Shelving


Feel lucky if you have a real pantry in the home.


All you need now is the shelving to keep things organized. You can select from plenty of available storage solutions.


Be sure to go for substance over style.  You don’t want something that merely looks good.


You want a shelf that will hold all your precious goods without coming crashing down.


For instance, this shelf from Whitmor is made of durable steel construction and can hold up to 350 lbs.



Add a rail and hooks for a couple of bucks more to complete the package.


Hang utensils, pots. pans and whisks for easy storage and use.



Always consider the right kind of storage and style for your kitchen and then invest in it.


The stainless steel made shelves are good-looking, durable and worth the investment.


Ladle and knife storage


Magnetic knife strips are popular in most modern homes and look pretty cool too.


We recommend you spend a little extra cash on these strips instead of the traditional drawer or butcher blocks.


And metallic strips come in a variety of different looks and styles.

They keep your very sharp cutlery away from delicate hands, yet just where you need them when it’s time to cook.


For your spatulas, ladles, spoons, tongs, whisks you don’t need to go fancy.


Use a traditional ceramic holder that matches the color of the kitchen.


Or spend your money on a cutlery tray that will offer an ample space for storing all of these utensils.



You will not struggle to find your knives and ladles whenever needed.


Spice rack and organizer


Nothing worse than trying to reach into your cupboard for that bottle of cinnamon or paprika that is wayyyyy in the back.


A rotating storage organizer is the best solution for this pesky problem.  With a simple turn of the dial there’s no bottle beyond your grasp.



Storage containers


What pantry would be without a good set of  airtight containers? Buy a complete set to store grocery items and other ingredients.



There are many different choices but OXO continue to be one of the best brands around due to their assortment and style of containers.


Buy a set of small size containers for storing spices like salt, pepper, turmeric, etc. The large size containers are great for storing flour and other products.


You won’t have any trouble storing these modular style containers in your kitchen. They are perfectly designed for use in any pantry.


The dish rack


Try to manage dirty plates and other utensils, especially when you don’t have a dishwasher.  Its a disaster trying to keep things in order.


Don’t let your dirty utensils cover the whole area around the sink.  Keep the dirty utensils in an in-sink dish rack.


Thus, cleaning the dirty utensils will become an easy task and your kitchen will remain orderly and clean.


Lid Organizer


Didn’t think of this one did you?  You would be surprised at how useful a good lid organizer can be.


They’re not very expensive and they are designed to hold all kinds of lids and keep them stored safely.




Your kitchen would look more impressive if you have a lid organizer.


All the products we discussed are enough to organize a kitchen and make it look wonderful.


So, get your kitchen organized and get cooking asap.



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